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Welcome to Homerathon 2021: The Homeric Hymns!

We're thrilled that you've joined us for this year's Homerathon! To allow for a virtual format, we are doing the Homeric Hymns, rather than a longer epic.

We would like to thank Sändra Washington from the Lincoln City Council, as well as all of our hymn-readers, who may be found by clicking here to jump to the credits. You may also jump to other sections by scrolling through the menu below.

We'd also like to thank Dr. Hart and Dr. Lippman for their guidance and commentary this year, and for last year's
Homerathon: A Panhellenic Plague Performance

Without further ado, we present the Homeric Hymns! We look forward to seeing you next year, in person, for another Illiad Homerathon on UNL's Campus!